Ratchet presses

Steinbarts carries ratchet presses for just about any size job you need to do.

These presses come with wooden stave baskets, a welded center spindle, pressing blocks, and a ratcheting mechanism that, if used properly, makes the press a breeze to use and can increase the pressure to extract the most juice possible.
Ratchet Press

We carry:

#15 – 6″x10″ basket: holds 6 liters (1.6 gal./22 lbs.)
#20 – 8″x14″ basket: holds 11 liters (2.9 gal./55 lbs.)
#30 – 11.5″x17″ basket: holds 28 liters (7.4 gal./99.2 lbs.)
#35 – 14″x19″ basket: holds 45 liters (11.9 gal./143.3 lbs.)
#40 – 16″x22″ basket: holds 70 liters (18.5 gal./170 lbs.)
#50 – 20″x25″ basket: holds 130 liters (34.3 gal./297.6 lbs.)

These are great presses for great prices! If you are a winemaker on a budget, but are looking for a good press that will last a lifetime and then some, these are exactly what you are looking for.

In the past these style presses have come under some scrutiny as pressing grapes too hard. We have not found this to be true. The mechanics of these style of presses actually makes it very difficult to over-press grapes.


About fhsteinbartco

Wine equipment sales manager and winemaking specialist at F.H. Steinbart Co. in Portland Oregon.
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