Wine kits, concentrates, and bases

There are a number of different kit companies and concentrates on the market, so which one should you use for you wine?

We offer kits and concentrates made by R.J. Spagnol, kits from Winexpert, juice concentrates from Alexanders, and fruit wine bases made by Vintners harvest and Oregon Fruit Products.

Wine Kits – We are able to order the entire line of R.J. Spagnol and Winexpert wine kits. We keep the following lines in stock.

R.J. Spagnol

R.J. Spagnol – Grand Cru, Cellar Classic, Cru Select, En Primeur, and a few Cru Specialty and Orchard Breezin’ kits. Check out our website for which varietals and blends we have in stock at this time.


Winexpert – Vintner’s Reserve, Selection Original, Selection International, and Selection Estate. Our website will have up-to-date information about which kits we have in stock.

Juice Concentrates – These are 46 oz. cans concentrated to 68 degrees brix that make 3 to 5 gallons of wine depending on how intense you want it.

AlexandersAlexanders – These concentrates are made from specific wine grape varietals.

RJ Spagnol – These are concentrated to 68 brix and are used primarily for raising sugar content in low brix grapes or sweetening finished wine before bottling.

Fruit Wine bases – These come as puree or whole fruit in a can for winemaking.

Vintners Harvest

Vintners Harvest – This is 96 oz. of fruit in a can. Great for making wine year-round! One can will make about 3 gallons of wine, or you can up it to 5 gallons if you want something a little lighter. Great quality fruit for a good price any time of year.

Oregon Fruit Products

Oregon Fruit Products – These are fruit puree’s that can be used as wine bases, or added to make a fruit wine blend.


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Wine equipment sales manager and winemaking specialist at F.H. Steinbart Co. in Portland Oregon.
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