The crusher/destemmers we offer work wonderfully. I speak from experience on this one. The manual unit we sell will crush/destem about 200 lbs. of grapes in about 20 minutes.

These units have a hopper that will hold about 100 lbs. of grapes at a time. The grapes fall down through the crushing rollers and fall into a destemmer where the berries are knocked off of the stems. The berries fall out the bottom of the destemmer and the stems work their way to the end where they fall out and you can catch them into a garbage can or some other container.

We offer a few different versions of this crusher/destemmer. There is a painted hand crank version, a stainless hand crank,and a stainless motorized version.Painted crusher/destemmer on stand

We also offer a semi-professional crusher/destemmer. The semi-professional version will process about 3 tons/hr. is motorized and stainless has a built in must pump that does the crushing on the grapes. I have talked to some start up wineries that use this version and say it works fantastic!
Crusher/Stemmer with must pump

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