Plastic Fermenters (for red and fruit wines)

We have quite a selection of fermenters available throughout the year. If you are making red wine keep in mind that you will need a vessel that is about twice as large as the amount of grapes that you have so you have room for the cap.

plastic fermenterThunderbird fermenter


6 gallon: holds about 45 lbs. of grapes
8 gallon: holds about 60 lbs. of grapes
10 gallon: holds about 75 lbs. of grapes
12 gallon: holds about 90 lbs. of grapes
20 gallon: holds about 150-180 lbs. of grapes
24 gallon: holds about 180-200 lbs. of grapes
32 gallon: holds about 240-250 lbs. of grapes
44 gallon: holds about 330-350 lbs. of grapes.

(These are rough generalizations so you have an idea of what size container you should start with)

Rubbermaid: We carry heavy duty food grade Rubbermaid containers. They come with lids and hefty handles to lift or move the them. They come in 10, 20, 32, and 44 gallon sizes.

Thunderbird: These vessels are also food grade and are made of slightly thinner plastic. This helps keep the price down, and as long as you don’t plan on moving it very far, they work extremely well. They come in 12 and 24 gallon sizes with lids. The 12 gallon size does not have handles but the 24 gallon size comes with metal lid-locking handles.

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