Transfer Pumps

There is nothing quite like a pump to simplify and speed up your life when you need to move large quantities of wine. Do you need to do a rack and return in your barrel? Want to try a pump-over instead of punching down your cap twice a day? A pump can make it happen.

We carry a couple different styles of pumps for the home winemaker, and both are only designed for moving juice. If you are interested in a must pump, or some other kind of pump contact us.

Shurflo – This self-priming diaphragm pump is a hand-held size pump, is gentle on wine and will move 3 gal/min. It’s a handy little pump that won’t take up your whole cellar and you don’t have to rely on gravity to pull things down-hill.

Shurflo pump

Tellarini Pompe – This brand is a self-priming impeller pump with a bronze pump housing. This pump is a little sturdier than the other pump we offer and will move about 9 gal/min. It also comes with a wine inlet filter so you can pump out of a primary fermenter without sucking up grapes and clogging the impeller.

Transfer pump

March Pump: This pump can handle hot liquids and has a magnetic drive, which means you can slow the rate of output flow without burning out the motor. A handy function that is only available on this pump.
March Pump

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