2011 Grapes Available

We are glad to offer grapes for sale this year!

So here’s the deal, we will be getting a set amount of Merlot and Syrah from an eastern Washington vineyard this year and passing the goodness on to you. So if you’ve wanted to make wine from grapes but not wanted to deal with going to a u-pick vineyard or are having trouble finding a retail location, your search is over.

How is it going to work you ask? Well, we will be getting about 2,000 lbs of Merlot and 1,000 lbs of Syrah delivered to us. In order for you to get your hands on some you will either need to give us a call or come in to the shop, give us your name, phone number, and what quantity of what varietal you would like. You then pre-pay for the grapes. As the harvest gets closer we inform you of when the grapes will be coming in (we try to give you a heads up about a week in advance) you then come pick them up when they arrive at our location.

Grapes in bin

There is a 100 lb. minimum when purchasing grapes. This will make 6-7 gallons of finished wine. The pricing for both Merlot and Syrah is
100-500 lbs. $1.39/lb
501-1000 lbs $1.29/lb
over 1000 lbs $1.19/lb

We have three basic rules for this to work.
Rule 1: you must pre-pay for your grapes.
Rule 2: We will tell you when you need to pick up your grapes, if you can’t make it try and make arrangements to have somebody else pick up your allotment. We don’t have the facilities necessary to store your grapes until it is convenient for you to pick them up, so if nobody shows to pick them up we will consider them forfeit, and you will not receive a refund.

If you would like to visit us to purchase grapes we are at
234 SE 12th Ave
Portland OR 97214

or you can call 503-232-8793

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