Winemaking Books

From Vines to Wines (Cox): A great book with some in-depth wine grape growing information as well as some good beginning information about making wine. A good book for winemaking information, a great book for grape growing information.

Home Winemaking Step by Step (Iverson): In-depth book that starts with the basics of winemaking and covers some very technical chemistry and micro-biology.

Techniques in Home Winemaking (Pambianchi): Good book for home winemaking. There are a bunch of fantastic tables throughout the book covering topics such as grape and yeast varieties and characteristics.

Winemaking (Anderson): Amazing book for “backyard” and fruit wine makers. Great winemaking information and some really good recipes for fruit wines with different styles.

Grapes into Wine (Wagner): This book deals with a fair amount of wine history and wine making regions in Europe and the U.S. Interesting book with some solid, all be it dated, winemaking information.

Winemakers Recipe Handbook: More of a pamphlet than a book, chalk full of fruit wine recipes. Good one gallon recipes, but not much information about winemaking.

The Home Winemaker’s Companion (Spaziani): This book mostly deals with making wine from table grapes and grape juice concentrates. There are a few fruit wine recipes and wine grape recipes as well.

No Sour Grapes (Lundy): Nice quick intro book to give you the basics of winemaking.

Handmade Table Wines (Lundy): Intensely chemistry oriented book. Good information, but more chemistry and micro-biology is included than the average home winemaker is looking for.

Kit Winemaking (Pambianchi): Nice introduction to kit winemaking describing the necessary steps and why and how kit wines are different than wine from grapes.

Making Homemade Wine (Cluett): More up-to-date booklet on the the quick and necessary winemaking information.

The Backyard Vintner (Law): Introductory book on growing wine grapes and making wine. Good book that doesn’t get overly technical on either the grape growing or winemaking aspects.

Making Wild Wines and Meads (Vargas, Gulling): Fun book to play with, but more for the adventurous vintner. Deals with wild fermentations which can turn out amazing or not so much.

“WineMaker” magazine: Quarterly magazine that covers winemaking tips for grapes, kits, and fruits. Also have articles about home vineyards and general wine information.

“Practical Winery and Vineyard” magazine: Quarterly magazine more oriented to the wine industry with articles covering larger equipment and up to date vineyard practices.

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