Stainless Steel Tanks

We carry a variety of stainless tanks and conical fermenters.

Steinbarts is a retailer for Blichmann engineering products which include his stainless conical fermenters. They come in 7, 14.5, 27, and 42 gallon sizes and are available with either standard fittings or tri-clamp fittings. Most of these are special order products and require a little extra shipping time.

Blichman conical

We also carry stainless Variable Capacity Tanks (VCT’s). They come in 100, 200, 300, and 500 liter sizes that we try our best to keep in stock. They are flat bottomed, come with a floating lid and a 3/8″ ball valve at the bottom of the vessel.


Looking for something else? Larger, tri-clamp fittings, jacketed, man-ways? Let us know. We can get our hands on just about everything, the above list is what we keep in stock.

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