Oregon harvest

It looks like last weekend was when a lot of harvesting was going on here in the Willamette valley. I hope you all found the grapes you were looking for. There are a couple of vineyards that we have heard from that will be picking sometime this week if you are still looking but you are running out of time quickly! The grapes from one vineyard we hard from is just over 21° brix and 3.36 pH. Pretty normal from what I have been hearing for this year.

For those who are cold soaking or fermenting, I hope everything is going smoothly for you. (tip: if your must starts smelling like sulfur, eggs, or rotten eggs take action immediately! It will only get worse without intervention)

As things move along, stop in, let us know how they are going.



About fhsteinbartco

Wine equipment sales manager and winemaking specialist at F.H. Steinbart Co. in Portland Oregon.
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1 Response to Oregon harvest

  1. Barbara says:

    Wow! It has been a long time since I brewed anything, so I took a wine class in the store on Oct. 22. I’d received a gift of 15 lbs of backyard grapes, and I’m please to report I now have a gallon of wonderful smelling wine in the works.

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